YTERA – Ydintekniikan ja radiokemian tohtoriohjelma

Doctoral Programme for Nuclear Engineering and Radiochemistry

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Academy of Finland has granted funding for a new Doctoral Programme for Nuclear Engineering and Radiochemistry, YTERA, during 2012-2015. Since the utilisation of nuclear energy will considerably increase in Finland, the purpose of the programme is to educate researchers and experts for the need of universities, industry and authorities.

The programme is coordinated by Aalto University and it is carried out in partnership with the University of Helsinki and Lappeenranta University of Technology. The programme involves close collaboration with Finnish research bodies (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland), industry (Fennovoima, Fortum, Posiva, TVO), and authorities (Ministry of Employment and the Economy, Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority) that deal with nuclear energy generation.


Scholarships for doctoral students

Aalto University has updated the criteria for awarding scholarships for doctoral students. The new principles are published on the Into web site.

At the University of Helsinki it is time for applying grants, deadline January 21st. Detailed instructions are available on a dedicated web site.

At Lappeenranta University of Technology information on scholarships is available on the Uni web site.

Presentations of the first YTERA Student Seminar available

The YTERA students at Aalto University organized the first YTERA Student Seminar on November 18-19, 2013, in Otaniemi. The seminar program included presentations by YTERA research groups, other interest groups and YTERA members.

The presentations are available on our password-protected web site. The username and password were sent to the YTERA mailing list on Dec 4th and they are available from the coordinator by request.

YTERA regulations and guidelines published

The board of YTERA has discussed the regulations and guidelines in its meetings in 2012 and 2013. These documents were finalized in the meeting on Feb 8, 2013, and were published in the spring 2013. The documents are currently available only in Finnish.

YTERA regulations (johtosääntö)

YTERA guidelines (toimintakäsikirja)