Co-supervised doctoral dissertations, partly positron annihilation

See here for doctoral dissertations done in our group.

  • Lukasz Kilanski (2010, Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland): Magnetyzm polprzewodnikow o strukturze CuFeS2 oraz NaCl na przykladach (Cd,Zn)MnGeAs2 oraz GeSnMnEuTe
  • Thomas Moe Børseth (2007, University of Oslo, Norway): Annealing of Ion-Implanted and As-Grown Zinc Oxide
  • Asier Zubiaga Monsalve (2006, University of the Basque Country, Spain): Characterization of compound semiconductors by optical emission and positron annihilation spectroscopy: ZnO and GaTe
  • Martin Janson (2003, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden): Hydrogen diffusion and ion implantation in silicon carbide
  • Laurent Henry (2000, CNRS Orléans, France): Structure atomique et activité électrique des défauts natifs et induits par irradiation dans le carbure de silicium 6H-SiC déterminées par annihilation de positons
  • Jonatan Slotte (1999, University of Helsinki, Finland): Diffusion of impurities and vacancies in compound semiconductors