Group: Timo Kiviniemi, Tuomas Korpilo, Susan Leerink, Paavo Niskala, Ronan Rochford


  • toroidal annulus in an axisymmetric torus is simulated
  • full f → allows significant changes in plasma profiles during simulation
  • collisions are evaluated using a binary collision model → neo-classical physics included
  • kinetic electron and ion species
  • one impurity species can be included
  • analytic neutral model
  • radiation losses can be included
  • direct polarization method is used to solve 3D electrostatic perturbations
  • mesh of the electric field is in quasi-ballooning (almost straight field line) coordinates
  • temperature can be maintained or heated up with background collisions
  • guiding centre equations in straight field line coordinates
  • benchmarked against the Cyclone base case and detailed predictions of neoclassical properties as well as FT–2 experiments

elmfire particle flux


Doctoral dissertations


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