Computational Soft and Molecular Matter

Leader: Dr. Olga Lopez-Acevedo

The aim of the group is to simulate hybrid soft-nano materials and to model their electronic and dynamical properties.  The modeling based on the simulations includes the emergence of electronic properties when the system size varies, the long-scale assembly and dynamical relaxations and the coupling of both. The challenge is to combine and develop computational techniques adequate for this type of multi-scale systems.

The group is part of the Center of Excellence in Computational Nanosciences COMP.

Contact information

Department of Applied Physics, Aalto University
Otakaari 1 (Main Building) Office U208.


The Academy of Finland has awarded the research post as Academy Research Fellow to O. Lopez-Acevedo to work on the research project “Quantum simulation of metal-organic nanosensors”

More information on the Academy Research Fellow here.