Computational Nanoscience (COMP)

Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence

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The basic strategy of COMP is to develop and apply cutting-edge theoretical and computational methods and the best available computing resources in attacking challenging problems in condensed-matter and materials physics. This includes modelling and simulation of wide classes of materials and related phenomena, ranging from novel semiconductors to biological and soft matter. The research interests range from electronic and structural properties of materials to their processing as well as to device and systems behavior.

The COMP Centre of Excellence strives at a multiscale approach to condensed-matter and materials research, ranging from the quantum world of ångströms and femtoseconds to macroscopic length and time scales. The research covers such areas as electronic structure and related properties, mesoscopic dynamics and transport, and the complex behavior of nonequilibrium and disordered systems. Of particular interest are the nanoworld phenomena, the understanding of which depends on predictive modelling and simulation.

In addition, the work carried out at COMP involves research into theoretical methods as well as simulation and computing techniques, such as algorithms, parallel and grid computing, and scientific visualisation.