Studies for exchange students in Engineering Physics


We offer annually a set of courses (in English) with plenty of choice for students interested in spending a semester or two at the Aalto University studying physics. A list is provided below, covering a wide variety of topics from theoretical to experimental physics including nanoscience.

The Department of Applied Physics at Aalto (former Helsinki University of Technology) traditionally involves its undergraduate students in the research done in the various groups, starting after the second undergraduate year. Thus a student coming abroad can do a research project with one of the groups, lasting 2-3 months. This can then become a Bachelor research thesis like for a local Aalto student, or a special research assignment (10 credits) again like for a local student, for which those are compulsory. During the summer period there is no teaching, but it is an option likewise to do a special assignment. There are also possibilities for summer jobs after a study period has been completed. Contact person: Prof. Mikko Alava

See also our research areas and get to know our research groups.

Life in Aalto, Otaniemi campus

Many of the incoming students find housing on campus. This is particularly easy during the summer months (June-July). More information on housing in Into study portal.

The local physics students have their own organization, Fyysikkokilta or the Guild of Physics. It organizes lots of activities where one can participate in and encounter the locals.

See also the Welcome Guide for International Students for more information on student life and living in the Helsinki region.



The list of courses offered by the Department of Applied Physics
Please pay attention to the language of instruction (see the course descriptions). All advanced level courses are taught in English, but most courses in basic and intermediate level are taught only in Finnish.

In addition, there is a large number of courses offered regularly in English not lectured annually or lectured every second year.

Further information on the courses can be found in MyCourses.

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