Doctoral Studies

The doctoral studies of the Department of Applied Physics are based on top-level scientific research. The department has roughly twenty research groups which offer Ph.D. research positions in topical experimental, theoretical or computational projects.

An obligatory stage of the Physics doctoral  studies is the midterm review no later than 18 months after enrollment.

For the other doctoral studies it is strongly recommended that the students select stuff directly relevant and closely related to their research field. A large number of graduate level lecture courses are given at the department and, in addition to the lecture courses, it is recommended that postgraduate students participate in (summer) schools and workshops in Finland and abroad. Workshops and schools are credited in doctoral studies. Also acting as an assistant in departments physics courses is awarded by credit points (See the study programme course PHYS-E0543 Physics Teaching V). It is also possible to obtain credits by self-study of relevant books and review articles. Here are some examples.

Further information can be obtained from the senior teaching and research staff at the department. Useful information is available also on the web page for the Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science.

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