Academy of Finland Centres of Excellence at the Department

Computational Nanoscience


Low temperature Quantum Phenomena and Devices



Molecular Engineering of Biosynthetic Hybrid Materials



Päivi Törmä.jpg

Director of COMP
Acad. Prof. Päivi Törmä

Jukka Pekola.jpg

Director of LTQ
Acad. Prof. Jukka Pekola

Olli Ikkala.jpg

Director of HYBER
Acad. Prof. Olli Ikkala

COMP's research areas include electronic properties of materials and nanostructures, the quantum physics of multi-particulate phenomena and the nanostructures of surfaces and interfaces.


LTQ combines ten research groups working on quantum phenomena, both in extremely ideal continuous media, such as helium liquids and crystals, and in man-made nanostructures.

HYBER's research focuses on controlling and designing self-assembly and structural hierarchies in multicomponent hybrid materials from the molecular and colloidal level upwards.


The Academy of Finland's Centres of Excellence (CoE) are the flagships of Finnish research. They are at the very cutting edge of science in their fields, carving out new avenues for research, developing creative research environments and training new talented researchers for the Finnish research system and Finnish business and industry.

A CoE is a research and training network that has a clearly defined set of research objectives and is run under a joint management. Funding is provided for a six-year term, which means that CoEs can work to long-term plans and even take risks. CoEs are jointly funded by the Academy of Finland, universities, research institutes, the private business sector and many other sources.

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