Research at the Department of Applied Physics

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Condensed matter physics focuses on the exploration of the physical laws that control the behaviour of condensed phases, from simple solids and liquids, to more exotic phases seen in superconductors and topological materials. It is the most active in modern physics and its multidisciplinary character means it touches on key aspects of, for example, chemistry, materials science, nanotechnology and biophysics. As such, it lies at the heart of nearly all technology developments, while offering deep insight into many fundamental questions in physics. The department hosts a variety of experimental and theoretical groups in the area, with strong research efforts moving from detailed quantum descriptions, through atomistic and statistical approaches, to device and material characterization.


Advanced energy solutions form a wide and multi-disciplinary research area extending from atomic-scale materials science to global-scale energy networks and human behavior. The future of (electrical) power production is one of today's greatest societal challenges. The energy research at the department proceeds along two main directions: future nuclear power production, with focus on fusion plasma physics, reactor physics and radiation-matter interactions, and renewable energy technologies with focus on solar cells, fuel cells and innovative energy systems.











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