Calibration standards and equipment

Accurate measurements can only be made by using well-calibrated equipment. Calibration standards are essential tools for experimentalists at the Department of Applied Physics.

Here are some of the calibration standards that are being at used by the various research groups at the Department of Applied Physics. Click on the group names for more information. Do not borrow a calibration standard without a permission from the group which is storing it.

Connection ports

  • Anritsu K connector calibration kit 3652, Nanotalo 156b, Kvantti

Electron microscopes

  • Electron Micrscopy Sciences X-checker (#80058-EX) energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) calibration standard, Nanotalo, NMC

  • Electron Micrscopy Sciences magnification calibration line grating replica with latex spheres (#80055), Nanotalo, NMC


  • Agilent Technologies 85033D 3.5 mm calibration kit, 30 kHz to 6 GHz, Nanotalo 170a, Nano

  • Stanford Research Systems FS725 Rb frequency standard, Micronova, QCD

Gamma radiation sources

  • Spectrum Techniques Cs-137 gamma radiation source, Nanotalo, Antimatter

Infrared spectroscopy

  • Thermo Electron Corporation Secondary polystyrene standard, Nanotalo 130, MolMat


  • Dino-Lite calibration sample, min pitch 0.2 mm, Nanotalo 116a, MolMat

  • PST ProSciTech S81K Budget stage micrometer, 1 × 0.01 mm microscope standard, Nanotalo 116a, MolMat


  • Micronetics Inc. NS346A -2/346A calibrated noise source, Nanotalo 170a, Nano


  • Rheometer calibration standards, Nanotalo, MolMat

X-ray scattering and diffraction

  • Argonne National Laboratory SAXS absolute intensity secondary calibration standard "Glassy carbon type 2, sample T11" of thickness 1.16 mm (calibration by Jan Ilavsky), Nanotalo, NMC
  • NIST powder diffraction line position and line shape calibration standard 660c (lanthanum hexaboride, LaB6), Nanotalo 118, NMC

X-ray radiation sources

  • Eckert & Ziegler IERB17813 AF-8024 Fe-55 calibration source for 2D x-ray detectors, Nanotalo, NMC


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