Surface Science

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Group leader

Dr. Jouko Lahtinen

The Surface Science group studies structures, bonding, and reactivity at solid surfaces on the atomic and molecular scale using advanced surface sensitive tools in Ultra High Vacuum environment. This knowledge is utilized to understand macroscopic behavior of nanostructures and surface phenomena like heterogeneous catalysis and adhesion.

benzene.jpgResearch is carried out in the following areas:

  • Structural and chemical characterization of nanomaterials
  • Interactions and structures of adsorbate species on metal surfaces
  • Surface and near surface characterization of oxide materials, nanoparticles and ‘real’ catalysts.
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Dr. Jouko Lahtinen
Tel: +358 50 5749761
E-mail: firstname.lastname (at)

Postal address:
Department of Applied Physics
Aalto University School of Science
P.O. Box 14100, 00076 Aalto, Finland

Visiting address:
247 Nano building (2nd floor)
Puumiehenkuja 2

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