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Preprints (3)

  1. Huda, M.N, Kezilebieke, S., Ojanen, T., Drost, R., and Liljeroth, P., Tuneable topological domain wall states in engineered atomic chains, Submitted to arXiv on 10.7.2018,
  2. Seitsonen, A.P., Schulz, F., and Liljeroth, P., Benchmarking van der Waals-treated DFT: The case of hexagonal boron nitride and graphene on Ir(111), Submitted to arXiv on 24.5.2018,
  3. Kumar, A., Banerjee, K., Foster, A.S. and Liljeroth, P., Two-dimensional band structure in honeycomb metal-organic frameworks, Submitted to arXiv on 6.11.2017,

2018 (2)

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2017 (6)

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2016 (3)

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2015 (6)

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2014 (7)

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2013 (6)

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2012 (3)

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2011 (4)

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