Soft Matter and Wetting

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Group leader

Professor Robin Ras

Soft Matter and Wetting

Soft Matter and Wetting group is a multidisciplinary research group consisting of physicists and chemists and aiming at functional soft materials and surfaces. Many of the materials we are working on are inspired by nature, such as extremely water-repellent superhydrophobic surfaces.


The Soft Matter and Wetting group is member of HYBER, the Academy of Finland´s Centre of Excellence in Molecular Engineering of Biosynthetic Hybrid Materials research (2014-2019).


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Prof. Robin Ras
Tel: +358 50 4326633
firstname.lastname (at)

Secretary: Reetta Lesonen

Department of Applied Physics
Aalto University School of Science
Puumiehenkuja 2, 02150 Espoo, Finland

Twitter: robin_ras

Robin's YouTube channel


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