Electron Waiting Times of a Cooper Pair Splitter
N. Walldorf, C. Padurariu, A.-P. Jauho, and C. Flindt

Phonon Decoherence of Quantum Dots in Photonic Structures: Broadening of the Zero-Phonon Line and the Role of Dimensionality
P. Tighineanu, C. L. Dreeßen, C. Flindt, P. Lodahl, and A. S. Sørensen

Geometric Entanglement and Quantum Phase Transition in Generalized Cluster-XY models
A. Deger, and T.-C. Wei


Lee-Yang zeros and large-deviation statistics of a molecular zipper
A. Deger, K. Brandner, and C. Flindt
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Electron waiting times of a periodically driven single-electron turnstile
E. Potanina and C. Flindt
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Experimental Determination of Dynamical Lee-Yang Zeros
K. Brandner, V. F. Maisi, J. P. Pekola, J. P. Garrahan, and C. Flindt
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On-demand entanglement generation using dynamic single-electron sources
P. P. Hofer, D. Dasenbrook, and C. Flindt
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Distribution of current fluctuations in a bistable conductor​
S. Singh, J. T. Peltonen, I. M. Khaymovich, J. V. Koski, C. Flindt, and J. P. Pekola
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Dynamical Scheme for Interferometric Measurements of Full-Counting Statistics
D. Dasenbrook and C. Flindt
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Electron waiting times for the mesoscopic capacitor
P. P. Hofer, D. Dasenbrook, and C. Flindt
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Quantum theory of an electron waiting time clock
D. Dasenbrook and C. Flindt 
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Single-electron entanglement and nonlocality
D. Dasenbrook, J. Bowles, J. B. Brask, P. P. Hofer, C. Flindt, and N. Brunner
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Electron waiting times in coherent conductors are correlated
D. Dasenbrook, P. P. Hofer, and C. Flindt
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Entanglement entropy in dynamic quantum-coherent conductors
K. H. Thomas and C. Flindt
Phys. Rev. B 91, 125406 (2015)



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