Dr. Kay Brandner

Personal information

Dr. Kay Brandner
Room 172C, Puumieheikuja 2BKay_Brandner.JPG
O. V. Lounasmaa Low Temperature Laboratory
Aalto University
P. O. Box 15100
FI-00076, Espoo Finland

E-Mail: kay.brandner[at]aalto.fi


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Current Postion

Since Aug 2015: Postdoctoral Researcher with Christian Flindt at Aalto University
Since Sep 2016: Research Post as a Postdoctoral Researcher funded by the Academy of Finland


Research Interests

Classical thermodynamics provides a powerful framework that allows us to describe the fundamental operation principles of macroscopic machines such as Otto engines or household refrigerators. With such devices currently being miniaturized down to the scale of nanometers, the standard approach based on mean values is, however, no longer sufficient. In such small systems thermodynamic quantities, such as applied work or exchanged charge, are inevitably subject to both thermal and quantum fluctuations.  

The general aim of my research is to explore the stochastic behavior of mesoscopic devices operating far from equilibrium. I am thereby interested in both, the general theoretical framework and specific models for systems that can be realized in experiments. Combining methods from stochastic thermodynamics, the theory of open quantum systems, full counting statistics and large-deviation theory, I am working on two major topics. First, using the key-concept of generalized thermodynamic ensembles consisting, for example, of stochastic trajectories, I study phase transitions in dynamical systems. My second main objective is to explore the role of quantum phenomena such as coherence for the performance of thermal devices.

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