Quantum Many-Body Physics (QMP)

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Group leader

Dr. Ari Harju

The field of computational many-body quantum physics forms an interface between hard-core theoretical physics and traditional condensed matter physics. In many cases the lowered dimensionality both enhances correlation effects – in many cases necessitating the use and development of nonperturbative methods – and allows for powerful analytical techniques such as bosonization and Bethe ansatz. Recent advances in experimental techniques have promoted strongly correlated systems from being mere toy models of particle physics into systems of experimental interest. Low-dimensional nanosystems lie in an interesting crossing point of theoretically inspiring and fundamentally novel findings (e.g. fractional quantum Hall effect) and technological applications (e.g. quantum-dot based devices). Furthermore, graphene is a wonder material that is likely to have a central role in many future devices, but is also a source of many interesting many-body effects.

The goal of our research is to develop and apply accurate computational many-particle methods for various quantum systems. We hope that the results obtained give us enough information to understand the underlying principles in different many-body systems.

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Dr. Ari Harju
Tel: +358 50 5710412
E-mail: firstname.lastname (at) aalto.fi

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Department of Applied Physics
Aalto University School of Science
P.O. Box 11100, 00076 Aalto, Finland

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Y417c main building (4th floor)


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