New and renewable energy technologies course-list: 

PHYS-C1380 Multi-disciplinary energy perspectives (winter semester)
PHYS-C6370 Fundamentals of New Energy Sources (fall semester)
PHYS-E0483 Advances in New Energy Technologies (winter semester)
PHYS-E6570 Solar Energy Engineering (winter semester, not in 2017)
PHYS-E6571 Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Technology (winter semester, 2017)
PHYS-E6572 Advanced Wind Power Technology (fall semester, 2016)
PHYS-E0581 Individual Assignments (any time)
PHYS-E0582 Special Course in Advanced Energy Technologies, winter semester 2017: Basics of climate change (MOOC, in cooperation with SITRA and several Finnish universities)

In addition, the group contributes to PHYS-labs works.

New courses:

Climate MOOC is a multidisciplinary module on the basics of climate change. It has primarily been created to provide a 5 ECTS course in higher education, or for self-study. Aalto U has partnered other university and SITRA in the development of the course. Coordination by Helsinki University.

Hands-on course in energy science

During the fall 2016 (Dec-) and spring 2017 (Feb-)  (II-Vperiods) we plan to arrange so-called hands-on courses (PHYS-E0581) in energy science in Energy Garage. The students will be involved in practical applications in modern energy.

Tentative topics include 4 hands-on themes:

  • Construction a PV-battery mobile phone charger
  • Using drones for energy services
  • 3D printers for nanoenergy demonstration
  • E-mobility demonstration

Each hands-on topic is stand-alone and will give 1 point. Each will contain pre-home-work, tutoring session on construction, analysis, reporting and pinching session. Students will combine different skills in small teams, but importantly build and experiment on energy. Schedule is quite flexible. 

The place for the hands-on course will the Energy Garage.First course in on the PV charger.

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