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Quantum Nanomechanics publications

2018 (4)

  1. Välimaa, A, Santos, J.T., Ockeloen-Korppi, C.F., and Sillanpää, M.A., Electrode configuration and electrical dissipation of mechanical energy in quartz crystal resonators, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 28, 1 (2018).
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2017 (3)

  1. Santos, J.T. and Li, J. and Ilves, J. and Ockeloen-Korppi, C. and Sillanpää, M., Optomechanical measurement of a millimeter-sized mechanical oscillator approaching the quantum ground state, New Journal of Physics 19, 2 (2017).
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  3. Ockeloen-Korppi, C.F., Damskägg, E., Pirkkalainen, J.-M., Heikkilä, T. T., Massel, F., and Sillanpää, M.A., Noiseless Quantum Measurement and Squeezing of Microwave Fields Utilizing Mechanical Vibrations, Physical Review Letters 118, 103601 (2017).

2016 (3)

  1. Damskägg, E., Pirkkalainen, J.-M., and Sillanpää, M.A., Dynamically creating tripartite resonance and dark modes in a multimode optomechanical system, Journal of Optics 18, 104003 (2016).
  2. Ockeloen-Korppi, C. F., Damskägg, E., Pirkkalainen, J.-M., Clerk, A. A., Woolley, M. J., and Sillanpää, M. A., Quantum Backaction Evading Measurement of Collective Mechanical Modes, Physical Review Letters 117, 140401 (2016).
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2015 (3)

  1. Häkkinen, P., Isacsson, A., Savin, A., Sulkko, J., and Hakonen, P., Charge Sensitivity Enhancement via Mechanical Oscillation in Suspended Carbon Nanotube Devices, Nano Letters 15, 1667?1672 (2015).
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2014 (3)

  1. Song, X., Oksanen, M., Li, J., Hakonen, P.J., and Sillanpää, M.A., Graphene optomechanics realized at microwave frequencies, Physical Review Letters 113, 027404 (2014).
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2013 (5)

  1. Berdova, M., Cho, S. U., Pirkkalainen, J.-M, Sulkko, J., Song, X., Hakonen, P. J., and Sillanpää, M.A., Micromanipulation transfer of membrane resonators for circuit optomechanics, Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 23, 125024 (2013).
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2012 (1)

  1. Massel, F., Cho, S.U., Pirkkalainen, J.-M., Hakonen, P.J., Heikkilä, T.T., and Sillanpää, M., Multimode circuit optomechanics near the quantum limit, Nature Communications 3, 987 (2012).