Academy of Finland awards seven new projects to the Department of Applied Physics

20. kesäkuu 2018

Grants exceed 3.3 million euros for research in a diversity of physics topics.

Science and art

  • fusion
  • antimatter
  • qcd
  • nmg
  • nanospin
  • csm
  • sin

2016 Best Physics Doctoral Dissertation and Teacher of the Year prizes awarded

16. joulukuu 2016

Awards for best doctoral dissertations were granted in recognition of research. Also a Teacher of the Year prize was awarded for the second time.

Science and art Honored

  • nanospin
  • STM
  • pico

Magnetic polaron imaged for the first time

14. syyskuu 2016

Visualization was enabled by designing a new artificial magnetic material. The finding means remarkable possibilities to materials research.

Science and art

  • spin_ice
  • magnetic_polaron
  • polaron
  • materials_research
  • nanospin
  • csm

Presentation of professor: Sebastiaan van Dijken

15. helmikuu 2016

Sebastiaan van Dijken is a Professor at the Department of Applied Physics and the leader of the Nanomagnetism and Spintronics research group.

Science and art

  • nanospin