Molecular Materials is a multidisciplinary research group consists of physicists, chemists and biologists aiming at functional materials based on supramolecular and supracolloidal self-assembly and its hierarchies. We use polymers, conjugated polymers, polypeptides, liquid crystals, nanocellulose, metal nanoparticles, dendrimers, virus particles, carbon nanotubes and other carbon-based materials as structural and functional units in supramolecular assemblies.  Recently, we have been engaged in the bio-mimetic self-assembly with special emphasis on nacre and silk mimetics. In our CoE HYBER we are aiming to biological concepts for the next generation materials science.



We collaborate extensively, both internationally and nationally. Our collaborators include:

  • Companies:
    Kemira, Nokia, UPM-Kymmene
  • International research institutes and universities:
    CEA/CNRS/Cermav, Grenoble, France (Patrice Rannou, Redouane Borsali and Vincent Forge), Politecnico di Milano, Italy ( Pierangelo Metrangolo), University of Duisburg-Essen. Germany (Andre Gröschel), University of Bayreuth (A. Müller et al.), University of Bristol (C. Faul et al.), Max Planck Institute, Golm (H. Schlaad, H. Börner et al.), University of Athens (N. Hadjichristidis et al.), KTH (L. Berglund, T. Lindström) University of Cambridge (U. Steiner et al.), University of Fribourg (R. Mezzenga et al.), University of Groningen (G. ten Brinke et al.), University of Santa Barbara (E. Kramer, G. Fredrickson et al.), University of York (D. Smith et al.),  University of Pennsylvania (V. Percec et al.), KAUST (N. Hadjichristidis et al.), National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (H. Iatrou et al.), University of Montreal (X.X. Zhu et al.).
  • National research institutes and universities:
    Tampere University of Technology (A. Priimägi), University of Helsinki (M. Leskelä and M. Ritala et al., R. Serimaa et al., H. Tenhu et al., A. Urtti et al.), VTT Biotechnology (M.Penttilä), VTT Printable Electronics and Optics (H. Sandberg et al.), Åbo Academy University (R. Österbacka et al.), University of Helsinki (J. Hirvonen and L. Bimbo et al.), University of Jyväskylä (H. Häkkinen et al., M. Lahtinen et al.), Biomedicum, University of Helsinki (J. Klefström et al.).
  • Research groups within our university:
    Biotechnology and Chemical Technology (M. Linder, M. Kostiainen, J. Seppälä et al.), Forest Products Chemistry (O. Rojas, J. Laine, E. Kontturi, M. Österberg), Chemistry (M. Karppinen, K. Kontturi, C. Johans et al. ), Applied Physics (E. Kauppinen, P. Törmä)


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