Molecular Materials Facilities

The Molecular Materials research group is located in Nanotalo. The building also houses the Nanomicroscopy Center (NMC).

All equipment is available for external users.  Contact details of the responsible persons are listed below (Note: Each facility has a different contact person).

Microscopy and X-ray

Contact: Professor Janne Ruokolainen.

The equipment of the Nanomicroscopy Center include e.g. three TEMs, two SEMs, two AFMs, two STMs, and small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering.

Spectroscopy and Analysis

Our spectroscopy and analysis instruments include two polarizing optical microscopes with camera, UV-Vis-NIR, FT-IR, rheometer, AC/DC conductivity measurement, and SQUID magnetometer.

SQUID Magnetometer

Contact: Nanomagnetism Group

MPMS-XL (Quantum Design). Run jointly with Center for New Materials.

  • 7 Tesla magnet
  • AC susceptibility
  • Sample rotator
  • Resistivity and Hall effect package

Infrared Spectrometer

Contact: Teemu Myllymäki

Nicolet 380 FT-IR

  • Heating/cooling.
  • Single reflection diamond ATR accessory (Smart Orbit)

UV/Vis/NIR Spectrometer

Contact: Hang Zhang

Agilent Cary 5000

  • Wavelengths 175-3300 nm
  • Heating/cooling (dual Peltier)
  • Integrating sphere


  • Bohlin VOR shear strain controlled rheometer
    • Custom-made quartz tooth geometry equipped with optical analysis module for rheo-optics.
    • Heating stage.
  • Bohlin CS-50 stress controlled rheometer
    • Heating stage.

Conductivity measurements

  • AC conductivity:
    • Wayne Kerr 6440B AC analyzer.
    • LabVIEW software.
  • DC conductivity:
    • Keithley 195A Digital Multimeter, Keithley 2400 Sourcemeter.
    • TestPoint software.
    • Heating/cooling.

Leica Polarized Optical Microscope

Contact: Tomy Cherian

  • Leica camera with possibility to take still images and video.

Nikon Type 104 Optical Microscope

  • Polarizers.
  • JVC 3-CCD Color Video camera.

Sample preparation

We have a well-equipped wet chemistry lab with several fume hoods, high-vacuum ovens, pressure annealing ovens, electrospinning apparatus, spin-coating, centrifuge, automated LbL machine, sputtering, etc.

  • Sample trimmer: Leica EM Trim.
  • Ultramicrotome: Leica 125 UCT with cryo: Leica EM FC S.
  • Sputter: Emitech K100X/K350/K950X, carbon and metal sputtering, glow discharge unit.
  • Plasma cleaner.
  • Vitrobot: automated vitrifying equipment for cryo-TEM sample preparation.
  • Spin coater: Headway Research PWM32 for making thin films.
  • Electrospinner: self-built semiautomatic device for mesofiber preparation.
  • Centrifuge: Beckman Coulter Allegra X-22R.
  • Sonicators, both bath-type and tip.
  • Ovens: vacuum, pyrolysis, pressure annealing etc.
  • UV reactor: Rayonet RPR-200.
  • Automatic Layer-by-Layer deposition.

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