Kvantti group - equipment

The Kvantti group is part of the Low Temperature Laboratory in the Department of Applied Physics. We are located in Nanotalo. We have immediate acces to the nanofabrication equipment in the clean rooms of Micronova and the Low Temperature Laboratory, as well as to the imaging facilities in the Nanomicroscopy Center.


Dilution refrigerator BlueFors BF-LD250

We operate a dry (pulse-tube) BlueFors dilution refrigerator placed in an electromagnetically shielded room.

  • Specifications: base temperature = 8-10 mK; cooling power mixing chamber @ 100 mK = 250 μW; cool-down time to base temperature = 24 hrs; mixing chamber plate diameter = 290 mm.

The refrigerator is wired for microwave-range measurements of superconducting qubits and circuits.


GMW 5403 room-temperature electromagnet

For measurements at room temperature in a magnetic field, we employ a GMW 76mm electromagnet model 5403 with a Sorensen DKM40-75E power supply. This device is used for testing various samples in magnetic fields and for the characterization of nanomagnetic composites in the microwave range.

  • Specifications: pole gap = 0-86 mm; pole diameter = 76 mm; maximum field = 1.5 T; power supply current = 0-75 A; power supply voltage = 0-40 V.


For more informations see the Low Temperature Laboratory facilities.


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