Group leader: Timo Kiviniemi

Postdoctoral researchers: Laurent Chôné, Susan Leerink and Ronan Rochford

PhD students: Paavo Niskala



  •   full-radius simulations of axisymmetric plasmas with limiter scrape-off layer
  •   full fe, full fi → allows significant changes in plasma profiles during simulation
  •   drift-kinetic electrons and gyrokinetic ions – one impurity species can be included
  •   circular concentric magnetic background
  •   3D electrostatic potential from nonlinear polarization and electron parallel nonlinearity via direct implicit method
  •   collisions are evaluated using a binary collision model → neo-classical physics included
  •   guiding centre equations and simulation grid in straight-field-line coordinates
  •   analytic neutral model
  •   radiation losses can be included
  •   temperature can be maintained or heated up with background collisions
  •   benchmarked against Cyclone base case, neoclassical properties, and FT-2 experiments




Doctoral dissertations



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