Fusion and Plasma Physics

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Group leader

Professor Mathias Groth

The Fusion and Plasma Physics group at Aalto University investigates experimentally and by computer simulations plasma phenomena in magnetically confined fusion plasma physics. The overall goal is to create a new, clean and virtually unlimited energy source. The fusion process encompasses light elements, such as hydrogen and its isotopes deuterium and tritium, to merge to heavier elements, such as helium, thereby releasing large amounts of energy in form of MeV neutrons and protons. To harness this energy, a plasma needs to confined either magnetically or inertially, and heated to temperatures in excess of 100 million Kelvins. At these temperatures the fusion process becomes self-sustained by heating of the plasma via energetic by-products, such as helium. The fusion challenge consists in confining the plasma sufficiently long and controlling its interaction with the surrounding walls.

The group’s research activities concentrate on the tokamak concept. We participate in experiments at present fusion facilities, such as ASDEX Upgrade, DIII-D, and JET, develop and validate computational models for present and future, burning-plasma reactors, such as ITER, and develop diagnostics for fusion relevant experiments . The group is part of FinnFusion, the domestic agency administrating fusion research within EUROfusion, and member of FuseNet, the European Fusion Education Network facilitating student exchange at Bachelor's, Master's and PhD level. The group is supported by the Academy of Finland and other funding agencies.


Tokamak principle: a plasma is confined inside a vacuum chamber by external magnets. The heat from the reaction is conducted to the surrounding walls from where it is removed by coolants.

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Prof. Mathias Groth
Tel: +358 50 3640495
mathias.groth (at) aalto.fi
Office: Y417c main building (4th floor)

Group secretary: Sonja Ekholm
sonja.ekholm (at) aalto.fi
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Postal address:
Department of Applied Physics
Aalto University School of Science
P.O.Box 11100, 00076 AALTO, Finland

Visiting address:
Y417c, Otakaari 1, Espoo 
(Main Building), 4th floor


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