Doctoral dissertations completed in the EPM group:



  • Ari Ojanperä (2016): Simulating excited-state processes in nanostructures using time-dependent density functional theory-based Ehrenfest dynamics



  • Ville Virkkala (2014): Computational study of isovalent group-V impurity doping and native point defects of III-V compound semiconductors

  • Karri Saloriutta (2013): Electron transport in graphene nanostructures

  • Riku Oja (2013):  Strain and interface effects in polar oxides

  • Laura Oikkonen (2013): Atomic-scale defects in solar cell material CuInSe2 from hybrid-functional calculations

  • Tomi Ruokola (2012): Thermal transport in mesoscopic devices

  • Timo Vehviläinen (2012): Hydrogen interaction with carbon nanostructures

  • Javad Hashemi (2012): Electronic structure and transport from density matrices and density functionals

  • Andris Gulans (2012): Van der Waals interactions in density-functional theory: implementation and applications

  • Janne Blomqvist (2012): Modeling of polymer-metal hybrid materials

  • Laura Koponen (2010): Optical properties of nanocluster from time-dependent density-functional theory

  • Katri Laaksonen (2009): Computational studies of III-V compound semiconductors

  • Ilja Makkonen (2007): Modeling momentum distributions of positron annihilation radiation in solids

  • Sampsa Jaatinen (2007): Catalytic and surface oxidation processes on transition metal surfaces

  • Ivan Degtyarenko (2007): First-principles studies of the structure and dynamics of biomolecules

  • Hannes Raebiger (2006): Ferromagnetism in (Ga,Mn)As and (Ga,Mn)N

  • Arto Hämäläinen (2006): Studies of traffic situations using cellular automata

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