Academy Research Fellow Antti Puisto

Department of Applied Physics
Aalto University
P.O.Box 11100
FI-00076 AALTO Finland

Office: Y430b
Email: firstname.lastname [at] aalto [dot] fi
Tel: +35850 4333828

Antti Puisto as an independent Academy Research Fellow carries out research on computational rheology, specifically focusing on:

Rheological characterization: We apply continuum fluid models to simulate the apparent behaviors of various complex fluid types in experimentally applied geometries (concentric cylinders, cone-and-plate, and plate-and-plate comparing the apparent (as obtained by the device) and intrinsic (as input by the model) to develop suitable correction algorithms and schemes to properly address the non-linear rheology of such materials in experiments.

Rheology of unstable colloids: Different levels of numerical tools from particle based dynamics to continuum simulations are used to study particle interactions under flow. The aim is to consider the consequences of particle cluster elasticity to the fluids continuum “apparent” elastic behavior.

Shear thickening multiphase flows: Suspensions containing high solid fractions of repulsively interacting particles exhibit shear thickening. This is especially true for non-spherical particles. Inter-particle locking and friction have been suggested to drive such anomaly. To resolve the fundamental origin of this requires further theoretical development.

Rheology of loaded foams and emulsions: Loaded foams are special kind of foams consisting of gas, liquid, and solid phases, in the order of decreasing volume fraction, respectively. We consider the role of particles in such a multiphase system with respect to the foam configuration, stability, and rheology.

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