Doctoral Dissertations on Positron Annihilation and Reactor and Radiation Physics



Doctoral dissertations on positron annihilation

2006 –

1996 – 2005

1986 – 1995

  • Matti Alatalo (1994): First principles calculations for defects in semiconductors
  • Erkki Soininen (1992): Positron diffusion and surface interaction in solids
  • Jari Mäkinen (1991): Positron Dynamics in Solids
  • Kimmo Saarinen (1991): Point Defect Structures in Gallium Arsenide Studied by Positron Spectroscopies
  • Pekka A. Huttunen (1990): Posiron Interactions on Solid Surfaces and at Bilayered Structures
  • Maarit Tuomisaari (1990): Interaction of the positron and positronium atom with insulation fluids and solids
  • Heikki Huomo (1989): Monoenergetic Positron Beam Studies of Near-Surface Phenomena
  • Fernando Plazaola (1986): Study of the structures of defects in alloys and compound semiconductors using positron annihilation technique

1976 – 1985

  • Martti Puska (1984): Theoretical studies of impurity-metal interactions
  • Klaus Rytsölä (1984): Positron Induced Cluster and Positronium Bubble in Low Temperature Fluids
  • Jouko Yli-Kauppila (1983): Positron Experiments on Vacancies in Irradiated and Quenched Metals
  • Juhani Johansson (1981): Studies of vacancy type defects in metals
  • Asko Vehanen (1981): Positron studies of point defects interaction in metals
  • Matti Manninen (1978): Density functional approach to electron and positron states in condensed matter

Before 1976

  • Risto Nieminen (1975): Studies of electrons and positrons in imperfect solids
  • Pekka Hautojärvi (1973): Positron annihilation in defective solids
  • Jouko Arponen (1970): On the theory of positron annihilation in an interacting electron gas
  • Heikki Puolakka (1966): Correlation of positron lifetime with the angle between annihilation gamma rays in water at room temperature
  • Teuvo Kohonen (1961): Contributions to the study of lifetimes of positrons in solids


Doctoral dissertations on reactor and radiation physics





  • Hannu Arvela (1995): Applications of Natural Radioactivity Measurements in Radon and Mineral Research
  • Riitta Kyrki-Rajamäki (1995): Three-Dimensional Reactor Dynamics Code for VVER Type Nuclear Reactors
  • Timo Vieno (1994): Safety Analysis of Disposal of Spent Fuel
  • Mikko Laakso (1993): Radiation Detection Techniques for High Energy Physics and Industrial Applications
  • Timo Vanttola (1993): Studies on the Assessment and Validation of Reactor Dynamics Models used in Finland
  • Jukka Lindgren (1992): On the development of the microvertex detector for DELPHI
  • Olli Antson (1991): Development and applications of the reverse neutron time-of-flight method with Fourier-type beam chopper
  • Riitta Korhonen (1991): Model studies of the transfer of radionuclides in the Finnish environment
  • Pertti Aarnio (1990): Computational methods for hadronic cacades, gamma spectrometry and activation detectors
  • Ilari Aro (1989): Studies of potential severe accidents in Finnish nuclear power plants
  • Harri Tuomisto (1988): Thermal-hydraulic studies about pressurized water reactor safety
  • Markku Ellilä (1988): On the performance of the DELPHI hadron calorimeter
  • Esko Peltonen (1987): Safety and performance assessment of geologic disposal systems for nuclear wastes
  • Pertti Visuri (1986): Intelligent multivariate process supervision


  • Timo Siikonen (1985): Numerical simulation of hydraulic transients
  • Ilkka Leikkonen (1985): Methods for optimal spatial control of pressurized water reactors
  • Jorma Sandberg (1984): Determination of particle flux spectra with multireaction activation detectors
  • Kari Tilli (1982): Neutron scattering studies of atomic vibration in nickel and solid dimethyl-acetylene
  • Juhani Vira (1981): Optimization of nuclear fuel cycle strategies under uncertainty
  • Markku Koskelo (1981): Computerized gamma spectrum analysis with application to multicomponent activation detectors
  • Ilkka Savolainen (1980): Probabilistic siting analysis of nuclear power plants emphasizing atmospheric dispersion of radioactive releases and radiation-induced health effects
  • Harri Toivonen (1980): Transient cell kinetics. Applications of tracer techniques to cancer research and radiobiology
  • Jorma Karppinen (1979): Optimal spatial control of pressurized water nuclear reactors
  • Seppo Vuori (1979): Evaluation of nuclear power plant siting by probabilistic assesment of environmental impacts
  • Heikki Pöyry (1978): The reverse time-of-flight method and its applications to slow neutron spectroscopy with Fourier type beam stoppers
  • Risto Tarjanne (1977): Feasilbility of small heating reactors for district and process heat production
  • Jorma Virtamo (1976): Atomic physics in intense magnetic fields with an astrophysical application
  • Lasse Mattila (1976): Computer models for the behaviour of radioactivity in light water reactor nuclear power plants

Before 1976

  • Markku Rajamäki (1975): Energy dependent neutron transport in two adjacent media
  • Juhani Pitkäranta (1975): Solution of the transport equation by variational finite element approximation
  • Dan-Olof Riska (1974): On the nucleon-nucleon and lambda-nucleon interactions
  • Heikki Kalli (1974): Monte Carlo studies of neutron transport in cold neutron facilities
  • Antti Virjo (1973): High duty time-of-flight methods in slow neutron spectrometry
  • Heikki Reijonen (1973): Neutron and gamma radiography with a research reactor
  • Olli Tiainen (1971): Reactor irradiation experiments with semiconductors and semiconductor devices
  • Bruno Bärs (1971): Reactor noise studies with special emphasis on the influence and use of gamma radiation
  • Jussi Vaurio (1971): On the neutron energy effects and error estimation in nuclear reactor noise analysis
  • Seppo Salo (1971): On some optimal xenon shutdown problems
  • Jyrki Juusela (1971): Kinetics and mechanism of hydrogen reduction of some uranium oxides
  • Pekka Hiismäki (1970): Studies initiated from back-reflection of neutrons from single crystals
  • Juhani Kuusi (1970): On the use of radioisotope methods of analysis for quality and process control in industry
  • Antti Vuorinen (1969): About the absolute activity measurements of radioactive nuclides
  • Anders Palmgren (1968): Measurement of the cross section of cadmium for neutrons in the 10 µeV range
  • Eino Tunkelo (1966): Construction and performance of a cold neutron source
  • Lassi Hyvärinen (1959): Ionization chamber for x-ray diffraction measurements in the presence of strong radioactivity


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