Jari Järvi finished his MSc and submitted a paper with hybrid perovskite research


CEST member Jari Järvi finished his MSc thesis with multi-scale modeling of charge transport in hybrid perovskites and submitted a paper to New J. Phys.

CEST member Jari Järvi's has finished his MSc thesis "Computational Multi-Scale Model for the Structure of Hybrid Perovskites: Analysis of Charge Migration in Novel Photovoltaic Materials" (in Department of Physics at University of Helsinki) with grade Eximia Cum Laude Approbatur.

Jari joined CEST in summer 2015, since then he has devoted to theoretical modeling of hybrid perovskites under the supervision of Patrick Rinke and Jingrui Li, with a particular focus on the development and application of the multi-scale model of disordered structures. He was awarded the Best Poster Prize at the Finnish Physics Days 2017 (http://physics.aalto.fi/en/groups/cest/news_and_events/2017-03-26/) with this project. He has important contribution to the recently accepted Phys. Rev. B paper that is about the development of the multi-scale model.

Jari has submitted a paper "Multi-scale model for the structure of hybrid perovskites: Analysis of charge migration in disordered MAPbI3 structures" (with Jingrui and Patrick) to New. J. Phys. It is now available via arXiv:1806.05560.