Call for Submissions: Radical Relevances Conference

7. syyskuu 2017

First Global Radical Relevances Conference 25.–27.4.2018. Submissions by 30th of September / We invite researchers and artists straddling multiple (or within one) disciplines to submit papers and artworks

Science and art

Nanocarbon materials are challenging silicon – from transparent electronics to bendable 3D displays

6. syyskuu 2017

Carbon gets exciting new applications through nanoscale technologies.

Science and art

  • nanoelectronics
  • nanocarbon
  • nanobud
  • materials_research
  • nanotechnology
  • carbon_nanotubes

Hannu-Pekka Komsa receives BCG Travel award

28. elokuu 2017

The 2017 Roger Taylor Travel Award from the British Carbon Group has been awarded to physics Academy Fellow Hannu-Pekka Komsa.

Honored Science and art

  • epm

Astronomy in the schoolyard

24. elokuu 2017

In the science sessions of Aalto researchers, a pin and a beach ball represent the solar system and pieces of rope represent network research.

Science and art Cooperation

  • science_sessions
  • scientists_at_schools

Aalto University and GE Healthcare expand their cooperation

17. elokuu 2017

The areas of cooperation include healthcare data analytics and artificial intelligence as well as start-up activities.

Press releases Cooperation

  • analytics
  • Startups
  • artificial_intelligence
  • teaching
  • healthcare
  • Innovation
  • research

Quantum researchers around the globe gather at Aalto

5. elokuu 2017

The conference covers quantum effects and connects research directions at the frontiers of mesoscopic quantum coherence.

Press releases

  • CQE

Chemical route towards electronic devices in graphene

25. heinäkuu 2017

Essential electronic components, such as diodes and tunnel barriers, can be incorporated in single graphene wires (nanoribbons) with atomic precision.

Press releases Science and art

  • STM
  • graphene
  • nanotechnology

Breakthrough achieved in improving the ionic conductivity of fuel cell materials

3. heinäkuu 2017

Ceramic fuel cell technology has a tremendous potential for clean energy production.

Science and art

  • cleanenergy
  • fuelcells

Academy Project funding for two HYBER professors

30. kesäkuu 2017

Professors Robin Ras and Mauri Kostiainen receive Project funding from the Academy of Finland

Science and art

Transfer of atomic mass with a photon solves the momentum paradox of light

30. kesäkuu 2017

The propagation of light in a transparent medium is associated with the transfer of atomic mass density.

Science and art

  • atomic_mass_density_wave
  • paradox_of_light

Researchers discovered new method for improving perovskite solar cell performance

21. kesäkuu 2017

With humidity assisted thermal treatment the overall efficiency increases almost 45 per cent.

Science and art

  • solar_cells
  • perovskites
  • solar_energy

IMPRESS workshop brings researchers from 12 countries to Aalto

16. kesäkuu 2017

The successful IMPRESS workshop was held at Aalto University 7-9 June 2017, exploring microscopic structure interfaces.

Campus Science and art

  • cest

Novel 3D matrix will allow predictive and effective breast cancer treatment

14. kesäkuu 2017

The extracellular matrix keeps the structure of the tumor tissues unchanged and thereby allows correct and personalized drug identification.

Science and art Press releases

  • breast_cancer
  • cancer
  • medical_science
  • materials_research
  • material_science

Special journal issue showcases Aalto University’s materials research

13. kesäkuu 2017

The special issue of Advanced Electronic Materials published by Wiley Inc. presents 12 articles on materials research conducted at Aalto University.

Press releases Science and art

  • advanced_electronic_materials
  • electronics
  • quantum_technology
  • materials_research

Next generation fuel cells based on semiconductor-ionic principle

2. kesäkuu 2017

An international research team with Aalto University participation has developed a novel semiconductor-ionic fuel cell. The scientific base of operation is based on charge separation processes from nano-particle level to the device level.

Science and art

  • energy_revolution
  • Cleantech
  • sustainainability
  • Renewable_energy
  • material_science
  • energy

Implications of Finland's plan to ban coal and cutting oil use

2. kesäkuu 2017

Finland has decided to phase out coal and cut oil use by a quarter by 2030 mainly based on nuclear power and bioenergy, which constitute long-term risks not properly addressed.

Science and art

  • energy_revolution
  • Cleantech
  • Renewable_energy
  • nuclear_power
  • sustainability
  • politics
  • energyefficiency
  • energy

Quantum technology selected as an Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence

1. kesäkuu 2017

Aalto is also involved in the space and imaging centres of excellence.

Science and art

  • finnish_academy
  • centre_of_excellence

Frequency modulation accelerates the research of quantum technologies

30. toukokuu 2017

In quantum devices, frequency modulation is utilized in controlling interactions.

Science and art

  • quantum_technology
  • quantum_mechanics

Supercomputer will explain the irradiation damage in inorganic 2D materials

24. toukokuu 2017

The results give better understanding of the interaction of energetic electrons and matter.

Science and art

  • supercomputer
  • 2D

Patrick Rinke appointed Visiting Professor - Honorary Fellow at TU Munich

23. toukokuu 2017

The 2017 August-Wilhelm Scheer visiting professorship at Technical University Munich (TUM) has been awarded to physics professor Patrick Rinke.

Honored Science and art

  • comp
  • cest

Destruction of a quantum monopole observed

17. toukokuu 2017

Scientists at Amherst College and Aalto University have made the first experimental observations of the dynamics of isolated monopoles in quantum matter.

Press releases Science and art

  • quantum_monopole
  • quantum_physics
  • quantum

Three Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher positions to HYBER

16. toukokuu 2017

Matilda Backholm, Sesilja Aranko and Suvi Arola received funding from the Academy of Finland

Science and art

Aalto gains eight new Academy Research Fellows

12. toukokuu 2017

Half of Aalto's new Academy Research Fellows work in applied physics.

Science and art

Refrigerator for quantum computers discovered

8. toukokuu 2017

Quantum physicist Mikko Möttönen and his team have invented a quantum-circuit refrigerator, which can reduce errors in quantum computing.

Science and art

  • quantum_physics
  • quantum_computer
  • quantum_computing

Best poster award for Ekaterina and Christopher

28. huhtikuu 2017

Best poster award given to HYBER researchers in the final seminar of FinSynBio-program

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