Brown Bag Seminar

Physics brown bag seminars highlight exciting new results arising from the physics community at Aalto. At the same time, it is an opportunity to have some pizza and listen to an entertaining talk in the lobby of Nanotalo. These seminars are on a general level for a broad audience. 


16.02. Antti Moilanen "Bose-Einstein condensation in a plasmonic lattice"

12.01. Farid Karimi and Amber Geurts on social and political science in PHYS



07.04. Arri Priimägi "Autonomous, self-regulated photoactuators"

12.05. Joona Kontula "Fusion with a twist"

09.06. Rhodri Mansell "Topological excitations in magnetic materials for data storage applications"

27.10. René Bes "Nuclear fuel characterization using synchrotron radiation: current and future opportunities" 

17.11. Hannu-Pekka Komsa "Looking for charge density waves"

15.12. Ivan Degtyarenko "Computational resources at Aalto for non-HPC users"

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