About the Department

The Department of Applied Physics, one of the largest departments at Aalto University School of Science, pursues vigorous research activities in the field of physical sciences with important industrial applications and technological potential. Much of the research is focused on condensed matter and materials physics, on quantum physics and nano-optics, and on advanced energy sciences.

The Department has strong traditions in experimental as well as in computational and theoretical physics research. It hosts three Academy of Finland's Centers of Exellence COMP (2012-2017), LTQ (2012-2017) and HYBER (2014-2019).The Department also hosts the National research infrastructure OtaNano, which comprises three facilities: Nanomicroscopy Center, Micronova Nanofabrication and Low Temperature Laboratory. The total personnel of roughly 350 persons include 22 professors, 14 lecturers, 25 staff scientists and supportive staff members, 91 post doctoral fellows, and  130 full-time doctoral candidates. Additionally, 50 undergraduate students work part time in the Department’s research groups. Service personnel includes 11 members.

The Department also provides extensive basic physics education for students from other departments of Aalto University School of Science. Roughly 30 new M.Sc. students following the Department’s curriculum graduate on a yearly basis. The Department also has a strong emphasis on doctoral education with the number of D.Sc. degrees granted per year reaching between 25-30.

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